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Latest Insights

Red Sea Farms Announces Enterprise Development Collaboration

Red Sea Farms and Kirchner Group are pleased to announced an agricultural enterprise development collaboration that brings together decades of business creation and operational experience with numerous novel saltwater agricultural technologies for the purpose of enabling local production of fresh fruits and vegetables in fresh-water-constrained regions of the world. Red Sea Farms—and Entrepreneurship World Cup […]

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EWC 2020 Offering US$1 Million in Cash Prizes, US$75 Million In-Kind Support

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is open for 2020 and is accepting applications from around the world – aiming to expand beyond the 102,000 contestants from 187 countries in its first year. The program offers a chance to pitch on a global stage for a share of US$1 million in cash prizes plus additional investment opportunities […]

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NERv Technology from Canada Takes Top Prize at EWC Global Finals

NERv Technology (www.ne-rv.com) emerged victorious through three days of pitching against a group of 100 finalists at the Entrepreneurship World Cup Global Finals. The Canadian startup, an innovative monitoring system for post-operative patients that strives to ensure that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication, received a US$500,000 cash prize, a “Shenzen […]

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187 countries.

Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is the world’s largest entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Life-changing Prizes

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The value proposition of EWC is all about the entire experience – training, resources, connections, mentorship and more. But on top of that, we’ve got a great number of impactful prizes – up to $5 million in total – with dozens of cash prizes, investment opportunities and awesome resources and perks from our leading partners.

  • 3

    Global grand prizes

    For the three stages, early, idea, and growth.

  • 15

    Global Finalist Stage Prizes

    Including industry-specific and social enterprise prizes.

  • 100

    National Prizes

    (one for every participating country)

  • Open stage for all investors to offer deals

February – May 2020

Accelerate 1

Startups are put through a series of education and virtual training opportunities to sharpen their skills around areas such as customer & industry knowledge; personal & team skills; creativity & problem solving, and business acumen.

The 5 Stages of Participation

Don’t miss out. Take your startup to the next level.

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  • Accelerate 1

    February – May 2020

    Startups are put through a series of education and virtual training opportunities to sharpen their skills around areas such as customer & industry knowledge; personal & team skills; creativity & problem solving, and business acumen.

  • National Competition

    May – June 2020

    Competitions happening simultaneously in 100 countries at the national level, virtually & live events. 100 winning teams from 100 countries are awarded with prizes and advance to stage 3.

  • Accelerate 2

    July – September 2020

    National winners are put through a combination of virtual training sessions and direct, one-to-one mentorship to prepare them for the Global Finals.

  • Global Finals

    October 2020

    Global finalists are put through live training sessions, network with potential investors and compete on stage for in prizes and support services.

  • Post-EWC Support

    All national winners are enrolled in the Starters Club, providing a global peer network, mentorship and other support services to help members reach their full potential. Other partners may be engaged to provide post-EWC support.

National Finals

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