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Bambuhay Takes EWC Top Honors at Philippine Stock Exchange

Held, at the Philippine Stock ExchangeBambuhay emerged as the champion for this year’s Entrepreneurship World Cup National Finals in Manila. Bambuhay will represent the Philippines in the EWC Global Finals this November ahead of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Bambuhay is a social enterprise that is leading the way in sustainable business creating inclusive and eco-friendly solutions to heal the planet and build opportunities by empowering marginalized communities.

There were nine finalists who have competed in the event: Bambuhay, Jungle, Burket, Efifactory, The Plastic Flamingo, Playtribe, Medikally, Malak and Flow’r Pow’r. Each of the participants was given a 5-minute duration to pitch and another five minutes were given for the judges to ask questions to the startup presenter.

Bambuhay will receive structured support and direct mentorship through GEN Accelerates in the next stage of the competition, in preparation for the global finals.

To close the competition, Justin Lim, CEO of Veer Immersive Technologies, shared how introspection is important when planning a startup, as you have to know yourself in order to create an idea that will match your personality as a founder.

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