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EWC Mentorship Program Powers Competitors

In preparation for the second annual Entrepreneurship World Cup, competitors from around the globe take part in a series of virtual training and mentorship programs that help them hone their skills and increase their chances of winning their national competitions—as well as those who advance to the Global Finals—through EWC Accelerates. Within the EWC platform, participants have access to an exclusive content library with information from mentors who share their valuable insights.

As we add articles, we will update the list below:

  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Jeff Hoffman (published: 16 June 2020)
    Live session with Jeff Hoffman on: Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Business.
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Sergio Mankita (published: 24 June 2020)
    Live session with Sergio Mankita on: Being Proactive in Filling Your Sales Pipeline.
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Patrick McGinnis (published: 31 July 2020)
    Live session with Patrick McGinnis on: Overcoming Decision Paralysis.
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Ouali Benmeziane (published: 7 August 2020)
    Live session with Ouali Benmeziane on: Digital Marketing Tools.
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Chris Schroeder (published 21 August 2020)
    Live session with Chris Schroeder on: Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Steve Calle (coming soon)
    Live session with Steve Calle on: Lessons Learned
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Etienne Gillard (coming soon)
    Live session with Etienne Gillard on: Learning From Failure
  • EWC Accelerates Workshop: Susan Amat (coming soon)
    Live session with Susan Amat on: Building a Brand
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