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Global Finalists

The following startups have emerged from a collection of more than 102,000 entrants – from 187 countries – to become one of 100 Global Finalists at the Entrepreneurship World Cup.


Agroport Jizzakh

Ilhom Jurayev, Founder

Agroport Jizzakh LLC is a biotechnological complex for deep processing of cotton stalks using microbiological and chemical bioconvension methods to produce products for animal husbandry, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries.


Amal Glass

Mohammed Islam, CFO

Amal Glass is a wearable device that enables the blind and visually impaired to live their daily life independently. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the glass has close to 30 functions starting from simple functions like telling time and weather, to more sophisticated functions like color detection and GPS locating, and all the way to cool functions like text reading (OCR) in Arabic and in English. Amal Glass was chosen by the world economic forum as one of the top 100 Arab startups shaping the 4th industrial revolution.



Shinest (JIA) QIU, Founder

AmberLink completely simplifies the interconnection and management of IoT devices. AmberLink also provides developers with a core development kit, including some peripheral equipment. It enables developers to quickly build and connect to the cloud, cloud to the end of the path. Colleague developers can choose any perimeter that meets the specification to build the entire development environment.


Aptah Bioinformatics

Higor Falcao, CEO

Aptah Bioinformatics is agile platform to develop biological medicines. Their solution scales the development and validation of new biological medicines, especially Antisense Oligonucleotides, which is a new strand of medicines for curing rare diseases, various cancers and inflammatory diseases. Using their Drug Design agile platform, Aptah Bioinformatics reduces the time, costs, and risks of developing a new drug in the discovery and preclinical stage, delivering more viable assets over a period of 5 days-to-2 weeks, instead of the 3-to-6 years consumed by this phase.



Jose Quan, Founder

Arcamgel is protecting Latin America’s homes and businesses from medical and security emergencies with real-time alerts and monitoring. Arcamgel allows users to obtain a low-cost security service, and private security companies, new customers without spending on advertising, to generate sales volume, dilute their fixed costs and offer lower prices.



Vaibhav Anant, Founder + CEO

Bambrew works to continuously innovate towards sustainability by curating a host of eco-friendly products made from bamboo, sugarcane and seaweed. All Bambrew products are 100% handmade, reusable and the perfect natural substitute for plastic. They are lightweight, durable and also fully biodegradable. Plus, they use no chemicals or pesticides in their production. Bambrew’s aim is not just to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, but also uplift local communities in the process. They advocate for responsible development, which ensures supporting locals while ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations. Their products are made by various tribes from across the country, and are 100% handmade. From harvesting to processing, Bambrew relies completely on expert local knowledge to bring the best products to their customers.



Mark Gersava, Founder + Chief Executive Farmer

Bambuhay is a social enterprise that is leading the way in sustainable circular economy business, creating inclusive and eco-friendly solutions to heal the planet from plastic pollution, deforestation and alleviate the effects of climate change; build opportunities by empowering marginalized community of farmers. Bambuhay asks customers to sip right and change lives with bamboo straws.


Black Dune Studio

Mohamed Bouabidi, Lead VR Pre-Sales

Virtual Reality (VR) is redefining education, business, communication and entertainment. Black Dune Studio is excited to be working at the frontier of a seismic technological and societal shifts. The Black Dune Studio team is comprised of talented and award winning technology, strategy, storytelling and creative specialists who are all passionate about creating virtual reality contents. Black Dune Studio creates immersive VR solutions related to Healthcare, education and entertainment and many other fields.



Moualla El Ilani, Co-founder, CEO

Buildlink is disrupting the homebuilding process with its 3D printing solutions for large scale and heavy duty projects. Buildlink’s objective is to solve social and economic problems in the construction industry by using less raw materials and reduce waste in construction and manufacturing industries for a more sustainable and clean planet. They automate heavy labor to cover the increasing shortage of workers in the growing industrial domain worldwide while at the same time reducing labor accidents and enslavement to round-the-clock labor hours for construction crews.


Car4Future Technologies

Cengiz Kutluhan Hakan, Co-Founder

Car4Future is a mobile application for all types of electric vehicles and their drivers. The app shows all E.V. charging stations nearby and allows the user to reserve any station and lets the user check whether the unit is available or not. The app will know a customer’s car model and it can be controlled by their voice. If the user tells the app its car’s battery percentage, the system can show all the charging stations in a reachable distance. It can navigate the user to all stations. The app can communicate with autonomous vehicles and assist them to the wireless charging pads. Car4Future aims to be the Uber of E.V.-to-E.V. charging.


Cat Hostel Saimaa

Marika Auvinen, Founder

Cat Hostel brings the idea of making and running  a hostel that offers unique sleeping experience in hammocks and traditional dorm rooms, all with affordable price, centrally located in Lake Saimaa area in Finland. Cats are hanging freely around the property making sure of guest relaxation and comfort.


China Base

Hanlei Yun, Founder

ChinaBase is building a frictionless, effective and trusted gateway enabling U.S. and international startups and growth-stage companies to successfully enter and expand in the Chinese market.


CiDi (Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute)

Wei Ma, CEO

Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute Co., Ltd., (CiDi) was founded on October 2017 by Professor Li Zexiang, a famous entrepreneurial tutor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. With the guidance of intelligent driving technology innovation and application, he is committed to building a platform for smart driving commercial vehicles and associated technology products. The company has gathered a large number of industry-leading talents, and has been supported by the world’s top investment institutions. At the same time, CiDi has a professional intelligent car R&D center and the most complex intelligent driving test area in China. It is a national open circuit test for intelligent networked cars that can sustain 100km/h automatic driving of smart heavy-duty trucks driving at high-speeds. CiDi has completed intelligent modification of commercial and special vehicles for various platforms; among them are unmanned mine cars and remote-controlled mine cars that have been delivered to mining operations. Smart buses have been put into operation on open roads and intelligent networked equipment allows for the execution of many projects.


Clever Play

Latifa Al-Khalifa, Co-Founder + CEO

Clever Play is a fun, creative, future-ready learning hub journeying with children towards the world of tomorrow. Clever Play is built on the need to spark, inspire and nurture kids’ interest in STEAM in order to build a pipeline of talent through learner-centered skill-building on the FUNdamentals for the 21st Century economy. Being pioneers of STEAM education in the region, Cleverplay are the only curricula designers and developers in the local scene, and possess the experience of running an educational venture using these curricula. With their combined knowledge of practical and technical skills, their efforts ensure to propagate their brand of 21st century innovative education.

Calvin Ng, CEO + Co-Founder is an AI-powered process control platform for semiconductor manufacturing. It enables factories to achieve maximal yield without performing months of design of experiments. combines machine learning with physics-based simulation to maximize production yield for precision manufacturing.


Corumat Inc

Michael Waggoner, CEO

Corumat is the maker of packaging that is 100% plant based, compostable, insulating and up to 30 percent lower in cost than traditional technologies. Corumat’s bioplastics generate 60 percent less CO2 during production than the plastics traditionally used to make red party cups.


Costa Rica Insect Company
Costa Rica

Alejandro Ortega, CEO + Co-Founder

Costa Rica Insect Company (CRIC) is in the business of saving the world, and they do it by creating sustainable and healthy solutions for people. CRIC is creating insect-based products as an alternate solution for food scarcity as well as providing a high-quality nutritional and healthy solution for malnutrition. The environmental benefit of using insects as a source of food has been proven to be not only the option that benefits the most but also the only option that is scalable and sustainable for the future. CRIC drives these solutions forward with three pillars of differentiation, 1) Mass and cost-efficient insect farming with high traceability, 2) Impact- CRIC is aligned with 8 of the 17 SDGs and their practices combined with the sustainability of the insects allows them to impact big issues such as health, water, employment, gender equality, climate change, and impact the poorest sectors of society. And 3) They don’t sell insects but rather provide raw materials for the food industry with high quality at competitive prices that people can eat on a daily basis without changing their dietary behaviors.


Cube Dx

Christoph Reschreiter, CEO

Cube Dx focuses on the development, production and distribution of multiplex tests for in-vitro diagnostics in clinical practice. Multiplex diagnostics allow for the identification of a variety of significant parameters (bacteria, fungi, resistance markers, etc.) in a single test in parallel, requiring only a minimal amount of sample material. Cube Dx entirely new multiplex technology – the hybcell – is the only cylindrical microarray available anywhere – delivers speedy and reliable results with minimal effort. The hyborg – a completely automated device – processes the samples fully independently and without any intervention by the user. The Cube Dx assay is based on compact sequencing and is designed to address especially those complex diagnostic challenges where fast answers are essential.


Saudi Arabia

Wael Kabli, CEO

Cura is a telehealth provider that provides digital health and telemedicine software and services. Cura has developed state-of-the-art technologies to empower health communications changing the way patients and doctors interact, diagnose, prescribe, give second opinions, manage chronic diseases, provide primary health care and well-being therapy sessions.



Daniel Berzsenyi, Co-Founder + CEO

Cyex is a B2B SAAS platform that scales the cybersecurity knowledge of non-technical employees in the workplace. Cyex developed an AI based tool that generates personalized cybersecurity exercises with special focus on cyber threat specifics of the client. Cyex’s mission is to help people become cyberwise and they transform cyber skills 55% more efficiently than traditional solutions by utilizing the advantage of active and micro learning.


Deepfield Robotics

Maurice Gohlke, Co-Founder

Based in Germany, Deepfield Robotics develops autonomous machines to improve conventional and organic weed management. Of the numerous farming tasks, effective weed management is crucial to maximize crop yield. It is also expensive and can have several environmental impacts. Deepfield Robotics wants to protect the precious drinking water supply, improve human and plant health, prevent herbicide resistant weeds, minimize crop depression, soil compaction and spray drift. Deepfield Robotics is developing the technology to solve these problems and provide conventional and organic farmers with a smart alternative.


Dhad Publishings
Saudi Arabia

Manar Alomayri, Founder / CEO

Considered the Arabic version of “Audible,” Dhad is a publishing house that produces fiction and non-fiction audiobooks in standard Arabic, and in a voice that applies to the “character of the book,” in a way that makes the listener excited and enthusiastic. Dhad’s goal is to make reading easy, entertaining, and exciting by offering audio books that are produced in a way to attract the listeners’ attention. The books are easily accessible through smartphone apps, which are available for both Android and iOS devices. It is specially designed to make the listening experience easy and comfortable.


Dingxiang Technologies

Bo Shi, Co-Founder

Beijing Dingxiang Technologies Co., Ltd. is the leading progenitor in the Internet business security industry, and endeavours to establish a digital world with no risk. Founded in April 2017, Dingxiang Technologies is a member of Sequoia Capital China. Dingxiang Technologies holds advanced risk control and smart client security technologies. The concept of “Sharing Security” introduced by Dingxiang is becoming a standard practice in the industry and framework for new security products. Its Panoramic Business Security Risk Control System, Interference-free Captcha, Virtual CPU Code Protection, Client Device Data Protection SDK along with other products and solutions, are empowering businesses from E-Commerce, finance, IoT, aviation, online gaming, social networks and many other industries. For both E-Commerce platforms and users, Dingxiang Technologies reduces risks and threats including bonus hunting, fake transactions, account hacking, web crawlers, system and app cracking, etc. Up until now, Dingxiang Technologies has successfully intercepted hundreds of millions of malicious requests and attacks, monitored millions of suspected devices and over 95% threats are recognised and screened.


DRD Biotech

Anzhey Zhimbiev, CEO

DRD Biotech Ltd. is a research company, based in Republic Buryatia, Russia. DRD develops and implements in vitro diagnostic devices – rapid tests based on innovative biotech and IT-technologies. The DRD team has broad experience in the IVD market and DRD partners possess expertise in product development, regulatory and clinical affairs. Company consultants are recognized experts in the field of neurology, neurosurgery, development of biomarkers for brain damage, biotechnology, and clinical trials.


E-Plus Technology

Cheng Chang, CEO

E-Plus Technology’s solar power brick is a product with independent intellectual property rights, using unique packaging and manufacturing technology that can replace the traditional ground tiles, so that road can convert solar energy into electricity directly.


Eco Trofeos
Dominican Republic

Modesto Ventura, CEO, Founder and Executive Director

Eco Trofeos is the first and only company in the Dominican Republic that manufactures, designs and sells trophies, recognitions and awards in local materials that are recycled and eco-friendly, with unique designs, that are exclusive, personalized and patented. Eco Trofeos projects a triple-impact country brand: economic, social and environmental by adapting to the objectives of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8, 12 and 13 by supporting employability in people with disabilities. Approximiately 50% of Eco Trofeos employees live with some type of physical limitation. Eco Trofeos reduces more than 90% of emissions in the production process when compared to the common processes of competing companies.


Ethereal Machines

Kaushik Mudda, CEO

Ethereal Machines breathes by the mission of churning out entrepreneurs in the engineering world. Their machines are built to invigorate, nurture and embolden an engineer while unbridling the designer’s freedom to create. Ethereal Machines brings about a conjunction between additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. Their mission is to solve problems related to manufacturing faced by industries, engineers and makers through our machines and aid the growth of small-scale and mid-scale entrepreneurs by equipping them with affordable machines for 3D printing, concrete laying, etc. Their team of engineers strives everyday to refine the shape of the manufacturing industry, lesser the burden of capital costs of machineries and increase user friendliness of CNC machines. Based out Bangalore, India, Ethereal Machines caters to clients across various fields and helps them establish successful businesses. Their clients range from some of the well renowned industries in India to the best maker-spaces as well. Ethereal Machines is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Ethereal Machines is also recognized as a start-up under the ‘Start-up India’ and ‘Make in India’ scheme by the Government of India.


Eu Ensino

Laura Marsiaj Ribeiro, Co-Founder + CEO

Eu Ensino is an online one-stop shop for teacher training resources based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eu Ensino leverages its  technology platform to increase the reach of techniques for social-emotional classroom management, sharing of best practices, and distinct teacher training tracks, and thus providing a scalable solution for education systems. Eu Ensino’s customers are public schools and education districts and their end-users are school-based educators. The beneficiaries of improved teacher capacities is the student.


Facto S.A. / TOPA

Winston Nunez, CSO

TOPA is an integral, inclusive, sustainable and collaborative platform, designed to transform communities into Smart Cities. Is the first Informative and Intelligent Transit and Transportation System (IITTS) in the world. Since the launch of TOPA’s first app in 2014, it performs under the six key fields of urban development: Economy, Governance, Living, People, Environment and Mobility. As hardware solutions, TOPA provides public transport monitoring through GPS and bus-stop connection, traffic counter; surveillance cameras and panic buttons; temperature, humidity, and rainwater pH sensors, air quality monitoring (CO2 and particles), wireless connections, etc. As a software platform, TOPA provides users with an app which let them monitor their public transport, and we are working on other solutions for waste management, pollution control, and local traffic. As an integral solution, TOPA provides a connection between government, citizens, public transport companies, and police stations. Also, public and private decision-makers can rely on the anonymous data that TOPA collects to perform better and smarter decision about the future of the city.


Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim Baatiah, Co-founder

Faheem is a tutoring marketplace for students who are looking to boost their grades, pass exams or obtain a skill. Faheem’s platform connects competent teachers and experts in their disciplines with students. Faheem has a group of teachers who are able to teach all levels from elementary to university. Faheem’s teachers are experienced and knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and you can trust them to help you succeed


Fatara Farms

Ibrahim Aboki, CEO + Co-Founder

Equal Opportunity Initiative is a project under Fatara Farms that aims to help women smallholder/rural farmers to irrigate their farms for free using modern solar-power techniques through their local cooperative society, which pays for the monthly subscription through paid dues. This ensures that every female smallholder farmer in northeast Nigeria gets access to an equitable source of irrigation, farming techniques, and other inputs at very subsidized or no-cost through different cooperative societies. Although 8% of the community population are female farmers, the same female farmers make up 50% or more of agricultural labour force. As a result, Fatara Farms proposes to help empower them to catch up with their fellow men through equalizing the number between men and women, which is why Fatara Farms calls the proposed project, ‘Equal opportunity Initiative’.


Fun With Balls

Markos Kern, Founder / CEO

Munich-based Fun With Balls is merging sports and gaming to become the market leader for a new industry. With their first product, interactiveSQUASH, they have already taken the sport by storm by offering a new business model and new revenue streams to club managers and having players active and engaged like never before, with more than 25.000 hours played on their interactive courts so far. Their second product is now available worldwide, MultiBall, and it is an innovative technology that transforms any wall in a fully immersive interactive sports experience. It provides a fun solution to tackle the inactivity problem of our digital society in the most creative and effective way.



Michel de Ruiter, Founder

GraphenePioneer is developing graphene in concrete. It will reduce global CO2 emissions by 4%! GraphenePioneer wants to introduce the world to graphene. They can help customers to find out where and how they could benefit from this exciting new material. GraphenePioneer can connect interested parties with current projects using graphene in concrete, composites and UV protection.



Abdourazack Ali Waberi, Founder and CEO

Greentech is a startup that specializes in making green energy accessible to everyone. It develops its own products such as a solar bag and also shoes which transform kinetic energy into electric energy. GreenTech broadens access to energy, helping poor people have light in their homes.



Aleksandr Lazarenko, Deputy CEO, Head of R&D

Group-IB has a wealth of experience solving cybercrimes around the world, with in-depth and unparalleled expertise in the case of Russian-speaking criminal groups. Group-IB’s experience and threat intelligence has been fused into an ecosystem of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, identify, and prevent cyber threats. Grupo-IB’s mission is to protect clients in cyberspace using innovative products and services. Grupo-IB is an official partner of Interpol and Europol and is a member of the World Economic Forum. Grupo-IBO has been recommended by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and its threat intelligence has been recognized by top industry researchers — Gartner, IDC and Forrester. Its roster of clients include banks, financial institutions, oil and gas companies, software and hardware vendors, telecommunications service providers, and FMCG brands from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Lebanon, the Russian Federation, the UK, and the USA. Group-IB has a team of highly qualified professionals who specialize in different fields, from malware analysis to accounting and compliance and their experts are members of professional advisory councils and take part in leading information security events worldwide.



Max Mohammadi, Co-Founder + Chairman

Heartstrings is the world’s first clinically-validated AI-technology for screening and early diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease based out of Sweden. Heartstrings is an accurate, low-cost and  non-invasive technology that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. By using a person’s usual medical data including ECG and demographic data and applying our unique artificial intelligence algorithm, they offer a great decision support tool to doctors and help them detect heart disease before it’s too late. Their vision is to save at least 1 million lives each year while democratizing access to high-quality healthcare for at least 1 billion people worldwide!


Huanaco Innovation Co., Ltd.

Yunxing Hu, CEO

As a national high-tech enterprise, Huanaco innovation is a professional industrial automation system, industrial machine tool and heat treatment equipment development unit. The company is closely cooperating with Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has strong design and research and development strength. Huanaco Innovation serves railway system customers to provide welding station process automation equipment, one-stop design and development, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance, transformation and upgrading and other full-service.


ICLegend Micro

Hongtao Xu, CEO

Yan Dian Micro focuses on the development of high-performance radio frequency technology and related chip products. There are R&D centers in Shanghai and Suzhou. The products can be widely used in wireless fields such as RF sensors, 5G communication, space Internet, etc., and are committed to accelerating the productization of high-end RF chip technology with strong technical strength. The founding team of the company has gathered senior technical experts and team management personnel with an average of more than 15 years of experience from home and abroad, and has the R&D capabilities comparable to those in Europe and America. Core technologies include chip systems, modules, software, algorithms, and more, as well as extensive project management, team management, and successful entrepreneurial experience. Adhering to the development concept of “technology as the core value”, the company provides high-performance chips and application products, and gives wireless devices wireless perception, awareness and communication capabilities, and strives to promote high-end breakthroughs in wireless RF integrated circuits and their applications in the field of intelligence.


Ikiray Miel de Madagascar

Harimanantsoa Livaniaina Razanajafy, Founder

Ikiray Miel de Madagascar is a startup that creates a range of honeys from eucalyptus and mimosa trees and creates income for the local community by collaborating with local farmers and beekeepers. At the same time, Ikiray Miel de Madagascar is increasing awareness of the high rate of deforestation in rural areas and the need to protect the eucalyptus and mimosa trees locally. Ikiray Miel de Madagascar focuses on sustainable production and protection of the environment while providing local opportunities for financial development.


iNut Technology Development and Investment Joint Stock Company

Phu Doan, Co-founder + COO

iNut is a firmware (firmware) for ESP8266 device that helps connect devices to the Internet. iNut is not tied to hardware. Instead, it allows customers to connect sensor systems, lights, pumps, rolling doors, water heaters to the Internet with lots of options. With more than 5 years of experience in automation and human-machine interaction, iNut offers a friendly, extremely easy to use and customizable console for all common users. iNut Technology Development connects insights from one’s products and customers to open the Internet of Things door.


Ipsum Technologies
Trinidad and Tobago

Shawn Melville, Managing Director

Ipsum Technologies is proudly located in Trinidad and Tobago, and is a social enterprise that is focused on creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to thrive in the growing digital economy. Since our incorporation in 2014, we have been developing assistive technology devices, accessible websites and multimedia content, and have acquired expertise in ICT accessibility. Their mission is to improve the quality of life experienced by persons with disabilities through inclusive design practices which facilitate greater access to digital products and services and to inspire innovative business models which eliminate barriers to social inclusion and participation.



Jordon Freeman, Founder

Over one million tons of plastic bags are made annually and only 9% of that is recycled. This has major damaging effects on the environment costing over $2 trillion worth of damages. All of this is happening because of plastic pollution. JaBioplastics is an alternative based on the science of biotechnology to offer a natural and biodegradable solution. In Jamaica, some single use plastics are banned, as in many other countries. Manufacturers are still left without reliable solutions and JaBioplastics fills that need by providing customers with natural resins/pellets that they can use to mold and produce single use plastic. Plastic created from JaBioplastic resins have the following properties: 100% degradable in soil, compostable, water-soluble and fire retardant. Ja Bioplastics allows manufacturers to create shopping bags, straws, plates and cutlery and Provides their clients with a triple bottom line effect: social, environmental and economic benefits. Their product has potential to replace up to 40% of synthetic plastic, and thus, saving the environment from USD $1 trillion in damages. Ja Bioplastic’s single use plastics can even provide farmers with organic fertilizer.



Nicolas DENTANT, Co-founder

JYSE provides a zero-code industrial and IoT Platform to let anyone build their own business applications and manage their own fleet of devices. JYSE software platform lets anyone build, unify, display, monitor, operate any device and data needed with no coding skills, keeping data ownership 10 times faster. JYSE allows users to increase their IoT project development speeds to truly impress customers.


Inkling – Kino
United Kingdom

Leonard Ng, Founder

Windblades on offshore wind turbines can travel at wingtip speeds of up to 171 mph. At that speed, rain can cause catastrophic damage and erosion of wind blade coatings leading to greatly decreased wind turbine operational efficiency. Inkling – Kino’s patented solution introduces a small amount of graphene into the polyurethane coating which enhances its stretching distance, shock absorbency and rain resistance – reducing costly and hazardous remediation operations, saving time and money. Inkling-Kino is making wind energy a cheaper solution to fossil fuels.



Juan Javier Estenssoro, Founder + CTO

Kompremos is Bolivia’s first e-commerce with free shipping platform where customers will find the largest variety of pet products and sports supplements – all with no-cost delivery directly to their home in 24 hours.


United States

Oshiorenoya Agabi, Founder & CEO

Koniku is a synthetic biology and silicon chip company. Koniku merges engineered brain cells with traditional silicon chips. We build cyborgs or biohybrid devices. Their device is called the Konikore™ and has the footprint of a small iPad and its powered by a cell phone battery. The Konikore™ can detect any chemical or volatile organic compounds in the ambient air.


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Kenna Questelles, Founder

The LinkUp App is a mobile platform that creates localized buying experiences and empowers the Caribbean businesses to acquire new customers and increase sales globally. LinkUp helps over 380 small businesses run and grow their business through their mobile app and marketing services. Since launching in 2017, LinkUp has powered over 100,000 Customer-to-Business interactions and they are just getting started.



Idriss Abakar Mahamat, Founder + CEO

Makanat-Naa is a company inventing and manufacturing agricultural machinery. Its objectives are to provide farmers with low-cost agricultural machinery that increases crop yields and thus their incomes. It also aims to develop new professions and promote the development of an inclusive economy with a strong capacity to reproduce itself from one region to another. Makanat-Naa reduces farmers’ arduousness in terms of manual labor, increases their productivity in time and allows their children to go to school rather than spend all their time in farm work.


Mapmygenome India Ltd.

Anuradha Acharya, Founder + CEO

Mapmygenome™ is a molecular diagnostics company to make people proactive about their health. They offer personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people to get to know about themselves. By combining genetic health profile and health history with genetic counseling, Mapmygenome™ provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians towards a healthier life. Mapmygenome™ is focused on preventive health-care through healthy habits.


MedRegis Inc.

Dale Trotman, CEO

MedRegis is developing a workflow and ease of user-oriented Electronic Health Record with continuous feedback from medical and non-medical staff. Their workflow and usability approach means fewer clicks and less typing via the duplication of repetitive processes. Duplicating a patient’s past prescriptions with the ability to edit when creating a similar prescription is one feature which emphasizes this approach. The strategic grouping of options is another crucial aspect of our workflow and usability approach. One example which highlights this is identifying all potential billable items and allow such items as needed to be added to the invoice automatically during the appointment. To complement this, MedRegis realizes that in the 21st century, the patient must play an active part within their healthcare via patient portal access and virtual appointments. Streamlining clinical time management will be a game-changer for the 21st century clinic and doctor office. According to Stanford Medicine, nearly three out of four primary-care physicians thinks that improving Electronic Health Records (EHRs) interfaces would best address EHR challenges in the immediate future, seven out of ten believe that EHRs significantly contribute to physician burnout and six out of ten think EHRs need a complete overhaul. Why would we want to recreate these problems from the developed world within healthcare in the developing world? Clunky applications with poor workflows are causing physician burnout and drive attention away from the patient towards the massive task of documentation.


meleap inc.

Hiroshi Fukuda, CEO

Sports have the power to move hearts and enjoy a sense of accomplishment among friends. MELEAP is innovating a new sports and spectator platform by accelerating the power of sports through technology. “Spectators shiver with excitement when fully immersed in an experience. Ordinary life changes completely, and hope for the future is born. Don’t you want to experience the energy burst of techno sports? This is the world children have dreamed about and longed to play in.” HADO is the combination of motion sensor, smartphone, AR (Augmented Reality) tech, and sports that creates a whole new experience that we call Techno Sports. MELEAP is creating sports history via Techno Sports. HADO’s AR tech enables people to shoot the energy balls and pull up the shields that people have dreamed of since childhood. Something magical happens…experiences like none you have ever seen.


MicroBrain Biotech

Bernadette Bung, Co-Founder + CEO

One central concept that evolved in recent years is related to the fact that neurons never function in isolation, they are organized into circuits that process specific kinds of information. Neural circuits are both anatomical and functional entities. The specific architecture of neural circuits in our brain determines who we are and how we make mental representations of the external world. Neurological diseases arise from disrupted neural circuits. MicroBrain Biotech (MBBT) develops cellular neural circuitry-based decision making solutions to de-risk the drug R&D process, by bringing to the market a ground-breaking turnkey solution reproducing a range of one-way connected neural networks and disease-related neuro-anatomical pathways within a cost-effective microsystem which will empower most high contents readout technologies (e.g. high-content imaging, next-generation sequencing, multielectrode arrays, etc.)


ML Poultry
The Gambia

Modou Lamin Fatty, Founder

ML Poultry produce the best locally grown poultry eggs in The Gambia at affordable prices. This enables ML Poultry to contribute their production quotas toward national development by creating decent jobs for young people and achieving food self-sufficiency which are in-line with UN Sustainable Development Goals to reduce poverty, hunger and stimulate economic growth. Research indicates that in The Gambia, about 95% of the poultry products are imported which leads to problems with spoilage due to shipping and lengthy storage times. Increasing agricultural capacity helps address the country’s unemployment rate of 41.1%, a number that is set to increase yearly in a statistic release by Gambia Bureau of Statistics.



Evgeny Konev, Head of International Development

Motorica has been solving the problem of availability of multifunctional upper limb prostheses on the Russian and international markets since 2015. Current solutions are very expensive and unavailable in many countries. Patients need cheaper, locally available, and most importantly functional prostheses. Their clients regain basic functionality of limb-loss. They can take, hold, interact with small objects and lead a familiar life by using our prosthetic devices. Motorica wants to be a leader of positive changes in prosthetic care and let people with reduced capabilities use high-quality functional prostheses. Motorica applies breakthrough innovative approaches in three directions: (1) The organization of sales channels through a network of orthopedic salons, installing the developed devices for the rapid production of stump receiving sleeves; (2) Production of highly functional prostheses, taking into account the psychological characteristics of children and adolescents; and (3) The use of virtual reality (VR) for training in the use and rehabilitation of patients.


South Africa

Tiisetso Lephoto, Founder and CEO

Nematech discovered , described and named a new species of Entomopathogenic nematodes, Oscheius basothovii – also known as Basotho. This is South Africa’s microscopic worm that can kill and infect insects  within 24-48 hours upon invasion. These worms are special because Nematech will employ them to control insect pests in farms and ultimately reduce the use of synthetic chemical pesticides in Agricultural industries.


NERv Technology Inc.

Amr Abdelgawad, COO

The standard of care post-operatively hasn’t changed for decades. It always relied on patients’ symptoms and process of elimination to determine the nature of a post-op complication. NERv is flipping the model on its head by proactively detecting post-op complications at their onset, a feat never achieved before, through its platform sensing technology. By detecting and analyzing biomarkers in drainage fluid, NERv provides physicians with early warning signs about the development of a complication. Simply put, NERv makes existing wound drains smarter by incorporating sensors along drains, representing a multi-billion dollar opportunity.



Julio Dantas, CEO

Brazil-based Neurobots provides effective stroke rehabilitation treatment. Neurobots works on hand rehabilitation for strokes, a dangerous interruption of the blood supply to the brain, that affects 16 million people per year. After 6 months of injury, patients enter into chronic states, when the improvement is almost imperceptible. Neurobots’s solution allows the patient to control an exoskeleton at the paralyzed hand through brain sensors. During user research, after 21 chronic patients used Neurobots therapy, the mean recovery was 30% in only 2 weeks of exercise.



Ady Beitler, Co-founder + CEO

Nilus connects food producers and retailers who are about to discard food with soup kitchens and other institutions who feed low income people, through a digital marketplace of food available for donation. When a match is made, Nilus will crowdsource the delivery and pickup a-la-Uber/Uber Eats model, using licensed drivers who have spare time and capacity in their trucks. Nilus charges soup kitchens a fee for the service that is equivalent to 10% of the market price for the food, and they pay drivers for services rendered.


Nineteenth Amendment
United States

Amanda Curtis, Co-Founder + CEO

Nineteenth Amendment is a product development and production management platform that helps brands produce sustainably on-demand with no minimums. With its smart PLM, brands can pre-sell items directly to their shoppers, connecting with a network of manufacturers, and produce transparently on-demand. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in New York.  With Ninteenth Amendment, designers can sell their goods pre-production and gain exposure to an exclusive community of consumers on the platform. Shoppers are offered access to purchase unique wardrobe options that aren’t found in the nearest mall or mega store, where fashion products are becoming more-and-more uninteresting to many customer segments.


El Salvador

Edgar Cartagena, CEO

Nutrinacion is a health and education technology startup based on SDG 2030 targets.  Nutrinacion provides digital services with interactive products for the benefit of infants and young people in order to reduce global obesity and diabetes growth with a new food culture for the whole family.


Outliers Zone

Athalyah Yisrael, Co-Founder

Outliers Zone is a Financial Wellness Institute that  teaches women and girls how to double their income, take control of their finances,  to end their paycheck-to-paycheck cycle to grow a legacy of wealth. Outliers Zone has helped over 1,100 employees end their paycheck to paycheck life and over 1,000  students get “money smart” from young ages. We are happy to help You!


Packed Grocery Delivery
Antigua & Barbuda

Chaneil Imhoff, Founder

It’s 2019 and everything is on-demand – from music to movies, television and even food. So why not your groceries? Packed Grocery Delivery will revolutionize how customers shop for groceries in Antigua by bringing the convenience of online-shopping closer to home.



William Nguru, Founder

Paid is a customer loyalty platform that enables businesses to identify, attract and reward their most loyal customers through loyalty points and discount vouchers. Paid is helping beauty and fashion-sector retailers understand their shoppers when making a sale to seeking repeat business with a cardless loyalty program that can be managed with anywhere with access to real-time analytics, purchase tracking, customer engagement solutions, and campaigns/promotion systems.


Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Tuhin Bhowmick, Co-Founder

Founded in 2011 by academic entrepreneurs, Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a biotechnology company with focus on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Pandorum builds 3D functional tissues through a combination of cells, gels and cell modulators, using self-assembly, 3D printing and other fabrication methods to construct desired tissue like micro-architecture. Their proprietary technology platform is designed to develop functional human tissues, such as bio-engineered Cornea and Liver, intended for medical research and therapeutic applications. Pandorum Technologies is supported by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.



Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, Co-Founder + CEO

Pedius is a communication service that allows the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to make phone calls using text to speech and voice recognition technologies. Pedius works with large enterprises like BNP, TIM, AXA to make their call center accessible with no impact on the existing infrastructure. Since 2013, Pedius has enabled more than 23,000 users in 13 countries making their first phone calls. Pedius’ target audience is composed by TELCOs, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and all the companies with large call centers that want to make their services accessible. By advocating for greater inclusion and communicating a new value proposition leveraging technology, Pedius can raise awareness in companies and the greater community to the openness and accessible abilities of services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Penny Pinch Inc.
St. Lucia

Martin Hanna, CEO + Founder

Penny Pinch is an online platform based in Saint Lucia, which connects consumers and businesses through coupon marketing. The Penny Pinch website is completely free to use. Visitors will head onto the website where there is a wide catalogue of offers ranging from most popular, new this week, and expiring soon. Visitors can view coupons by participating stores themselves or by categories, and as a result, it is organised however a visitor prefers to view their deals. Penny Pinch plans to be the Groupon or RetailMeNot of the entire Carribbean region.


Powerstove Energy

Okey Esse, Founder + CEO

Powerstove Energy is an IoT enabled clean cookstove that generates electricity with less biomass. Powerstove designs and manufactures a Made-in-Nigeria, 100% smokeless biomass cookstove that cook food 5x faster, produces 65% less CO, generates micro off-grid electricity to charge phones or power LED bulbs using built-in USB and DC ports. Powerstove Energy uses 70% less biomass and burns her processed proprietary water-resistant Goodlife Biomass Pellets produced from forest and agricultural waste. Powerstove is the first clean cookstove to be fitted with IoT cloud-based remote system to monitor in real time a single day of cooking, the amount of Co2 and biomass saved, Black Carbon prevented and total electricity generated. Powerstove users also receive cash payments for their measured use during cooking and can enjoy Pay-As-You-Cook financing; Powerstove pays for itself within 2 months, saving users $200-$250/year. That’s a lot of money for their customers, 42% of whom exist on less than $2/day.


PowerUp Energy Technologies

Ivar Kruusenberg, Founder + CEO

PowerUp Energy Technologies is ushering in the future of marine and RV power generation by producing green, hydrogen fuel cell-based marine and RV generators. PowerUp´s patented electricity generators are changing the world of energy generation and storage, and their products are for people who seek a zero-emission, silent, light-weight and reliable power generation solution for their yachts, boats and camper vans.


Preemar Soluciones Acuícolas

Alejandro Valdés, CEO

Aquaculture is one of the most important emergent industries in Latin America and the whole world. However, many aquaculture farmers struggle to prevent diseases that later generate big production losses. In Mexico, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year due to these diseases. To an aquaculture farmer, this can mean the loss of 30% up to 100% of his 6-month production.  Preemar Soluciones Acuícolas’s mission is to develop innovative technology to prevent the diseases that affect aquaculture farmers, so that they can increase their production and have tranquility at all times. This is they developed “Pro-viden,” a real-time water monitoring system which allows the farmer to be connected to his fish farm 24/7 and visualize the level of quality in all areas of the water.


Qaleb Studio

Abbas Al Asmar, Founder

Qaleb Studio is an online platform that offers in-house created pre-designed templates and mockups with Arabic & Islamic flavour. These templates & mockups can be edited and customized online easily, instantly and downloaded by users with minimal digital literacy through: 1) Hardware: the platform does not require hefty hardware, allowing any computer access to its digital product that is processed on the cloud, alleviating the load on the user’s computer itself. 2) Software: Qaleb Studio’s solution does not require the user to pay any fees for the utilisation of the platform, only one USD per design. 3) Learning curve: Qaleb Studio’s UI and UX have been developed to be easily comprehensible by non-experienced users through minimising the required designing tools and providing an extensive library of pre-designed templates. A simple drag-and-drop to edit the pre-designed templates or even design from scratch makes the process much quicker and easier.



Dania Valle, CEO

Reciclatecc offers free electronics recycling to efficiently manage, dispose and recycle discarded electronic items. Reciclatecc’s services include: comprehensive and eco-friendly recycling services as well as end-to-end E-Waste recycling to ensure that all the recycling tasks are carried out in an eco-friendly manner.


Red Sea Farms
Saudi Arabia

Mark Tester, Co-Founder

Red Sea Farms offers diverse products and services, including produce, technology, and consultancy. Their lovingly-grown produce is not only sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free, but also healthier and better tasting! Red Sea Farms’ patent-pending technology enables greenhouse and hydroponic farms to grow more and better food with less water and energy – saving money and sustainably increasing profits. Their team of experts provides world-class technical advice, design, and project management for saltwater and desert agriculture.



Marcella Jeremiah, Founder

Reneescentsationz is a company from Grenada specializing in the production of Natural, luxurious self-care products made from natural ingredients. For Reneescentsationz, this journey is more than putting a product in a customer’s hands and in their homes. It is about providing you the opportunity to unwind, indulge in some self-care, add a touch of fragrance to home; to provide customers with the perfect gift options for special events and occasions, or give as a gift to friends and loved ones.  At Reneescentsationz, this is no longer a hobby; it is a passion, a calling, and their gift to the world. Every product made is hand-crafted with care and love, so customers know they get the very best.



Audrey Maximillian Herli, Co-Founder

Riliv is a Technology Company and Global Movement transforming the mental health system. Through the ease of technology and a touch of psychology, Riliv provides text-based counseling services to create a smile in all corners of Indonesia. Riliv is an app that enables its users to share their personal problems anonymously and get help from the professionals.


Saudi Arabia

Esteban Sanchez-Canepa, Co-Founder

Sadeem provides smart city solutions worldwide- saving lives and resources in real-time. Sadeem is a global leader in urban flood & traffic monitoring with a multi-patented technology that combines a sensor network, mobile applications and visualization platform. Sadeem’s mission is to improve quality of life and resilience of cities by providing smart city solutions already deployed in the Middle East and North America.


Seknova Biotechnology
Chinese Taipei

Yu-Ching Huang, Co-Founder

Seknova is a biotech startup based in Taiwan. The company develops continuous health monitoring systems for early detection and prevention of disease. The core technology is comprised of a wearable sensor, mobile app and patient monitoring platform. Unlike current health monitoring technology, Seknova’s sensor does not come in contact with blood, lowering the risk of infection and pain to user. The unique design allows for simultaneous multiple biomarkers monitoring for better disease monitoring.


Shirvan Wines

Anar Bakhishov, Founder

Shirvan Wines is located in the village of Meysari, Azerbaijan. The natural climatic conditions of the Meysari village, the volume of annual precipitation, temperature indicators, as well as the results of analyzes of soil samples taken from various places of the territory and carried out in various laboratories in France, confirm that there is an opportunity to grow high-quality and productive types of grapes. From the stages of selection, planting, and rendering agrotechnical care to the seedlings according to local conditions, the collection and processing of grapes, regular consultations are held with external experts specializing France’s viticulture sphere. All these factors cause the production of high-quality winemaking products that are easily competing in the markets. “Sadaf”, “Marjan” and “Makhmari” wines, produced by “Shirvan Wines” under the brand of “Meysari”, are distinguished by its own taste, color and aroma. The products are certified by French Ecocert. It has been awarded the Organic Certificate, recognized by EU since 2015, and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate.


Shiver Premium Ice Cream

Melissa Darville, Co-Founder

Shiver Premium Ice Cream was created from a founder’s love of ice cream and exploration of flavors with available native fruit in the Bahamas. Giving hope that amazing things can happen when Shiver merges tradition with creativity, customers can “taste the islands” by indulging with the exotic flavors of this unique sorbet- smooth mango, fresh soursop, tangy passion fruit, tamarind, guava, pineapple, strawberry or blackberry.



Tanvir Tabassum, CEO

With an aim for a complete surveillance automation, Sigmind has developed WATCHCAM, an Intelligent Real-Time Video Analytic solution to prevent crimes by detecting and notifying incidents from camera feeds. We have integrated state-of-the-art machine learning based technologies to detect persons, objects, faces, firearms in real-time from multiple camera feeds on its powerful server. The system contains innovative technologies like real-time search on video space for specific incident detection and post analysis. In addition, Sigmind’s WATCHCAM technology has successful uses cases of toll plaza automation, traffic management, and anomaly detection in surveillance videos.


Singularity Computing

Mohamed Labadi, Co-Founder + CEO

Singularity Computing and its software (SIMULICA & ParticleXpert) bring online/cloud-based scientific & engineering simulation computing and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to design and develop complex engineered systems and model and simulate complex multiphysics phenomena; while saving time and cost and speeding up the overall discovery, design, R&D, and product development process while providing realistic results.


Sixteen Resources

Awang Shahrizan Awang Abu Bakar, Founder

Siasitok is a teaching aid produced to help deaf students learn sign language in an easy, fast, effective and fun way. The Siasitok Sign language AR Flashcard helps deaf students to improve their vocabulary of sign language. This AR Flashcard has been officially launched on 5th April 2018 at the Science Carnival, Malacca. The objective of the production of this innovative product is to help ease the communication barrier that happens amongst families with deaf children. Communication barrier may result from a lack of understanding of sign language by family members as they may find it difficult to comprehend what the deaf child is trying to convey. The Siasitok Sign Language Augmented Reality (AR) Flashcard currently consists of 5 modules : Numbers and Alphabets; Food and Drinks; Animals; Places; and Basic Family It is also the first teaching aid in the world that uses Augmented Reality to make the learning of sign language fun and interesting. It is also portable and can be used any time. The Siasitok Sign Language AR Flashcard has been conferred several local and International awards including: Inclusive Innovation – Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit – Trailblazers Challenge Startup Borneo Competition Riff Off Startup by MITeC Ignite Pitch organized by Al Sharq Forum (an International Award conferred on 2nd May 2019).


Spacety (Changsha)

Feng Yang, CEO

As one of the first commercial aerospace companies in China, Spacety specializes in developing commercial micro/nano-satellites. We are aiming to provide short-cycle, low-cost and one-stop services to scientists, research institutes, and commercial companies, for science experiments and technology demonstrations. Due to the high cost of traditional space industry, there are only few opportunities to participate in the game, especially in the scope of space experiments. In the era of commercial space, Spacety is willing to reduce the cost of the experiments in space with micro/nano satellites, and therefore provide more opportunities for joining the space.



Shashank Bijapur, Co-Founder + CEO

SpotDraft is bringing legal technology to the AI age. SpotDraft is an end-to-end legal technology solution that enables organizations of all sizes to draft, review and manage contracts all from one beautiful, award-winning platform. Since 2017, SpotDraft has streamlined the contract lifecycle in organizations across the world — saving customers hundreds of thousands of hours reviewing contracts and doing other mundane work. Today, over 6,000,000 contracts have been processed on the SpotDraft platform and that number is only growing with each passing day.


Strive Robotics

Kok How Tan, Founder

Robot-In-Box, a robotics kit that is backed by a Data Driven e-Learning Application that identifies and measure the learning abilities and development made by the student. Strive Robotics also aims to customize their learning experience based on the patterns they continue identifying. Currently, they have an Arduino robot and drone products that can be made from recycled plastics.



Augusto  Clement, CEO + Co-Founder

Sumato-ID asks retailers if they know what is happening at their point of sale. Sumato-ID creates biometric solutions by optimizing costs and maximizing sales by understanding customer behaviors. Sumato SmartRetail Suite is a point of sale management tool created to help companies understand new consumption habits, generate actions and measure performance in real time.


SUN Mobility

Chetan Maini, Vice Chairman + Co-Founder

SUN Mobility is shaping the future of mobility, and they develop customized solutions for India’s changing mobility needs. The challenges in India’s urban transportation are unique and require a tailor-made solution. As specialists in the field of electric mobility and renewable energy SUN Mobility has created an open-architecture, ‘Smart Mobility’ model deployable across multiple vehicle platforms – 2 and 3 wheelers, cars and buses. This “Made in India” solution tackles four main roadblocks in mass EV adoption like high costs, long charging time, equivalent infrastructure, and range anxiety.  The strength of their intelligent and connected batteries along with our Quick Interchange Stations Network, creates a convenient refueling infrastructure, faster and cheaper than existing petrol and diesel pumps for ICE vehicles.


SunCycles Namibia

Marita Walther, Co-Founder, MD

SunCycles Namibia is a social enterprise that specializes in electric mobility and solar recharge systems. Their locally designed e-mobility solutions help Africans move towards a more sustainable future. As the first to introduce this technology to developing countries, SunCycles Namibia believes their products and projects create the opportunity for Africa to be on the forefront of future-driven transport development initiatives.



Aron Karatayev, CEO

Sunorak is a new start-up that implements solar energy in our daily life by producing tech-improved clothes equipped with solar panels. Currently, the Sunorak team is working on an optimization of its prototype to be ready for commercialization. Sunorak is for those who often use mobile devices, but do not always have access to a power outlet. Frequently, they are travelers, archaeologists, other people working on the ground, technologies, among others. It is convenient to have your own power station as a wardrobe item with how often people are charging their mobile devices.



Mateo Follador Hinestroza, Founder

The Talentu platform is where unskilled job-seekers and companies looking for candidates get together; job-seekers get access to a variety of unskilled job positions directly from the companies that are hiring and they are able to have training on the field they are applying for, on the other hand, companies can optimize their recruitment process through our platform that automate parts of that process where humans doesn’t add value, it doesn’t only help companies to identify and match candidates with their open positions, in a faster and cost-effective way, but also increases the abilities of candidates with online training while hiring. As a result both sides have a better experience that empower people to grow with better results in the jobs they are acquiring. Talentu focuses on industries with a massive demand of unskilled labor such as BPO (Contact Centers), Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Agriculture. They mainly work with LATAM “Fortune 200” multinational companies and It’s a gradual growth process. First, they develop a predictive algorithm for the categories and companies, then they scale.


Tensortec (Shenzhen Tensor Technology)

Xiyu Xie, CEO

Shenzhen Tensor Technology, established in 2017, is a high-tech company specializing in R&D on driver safety assist systems and safety control systems based on vision analysis. The company is jointly founded by a group of elite talents from high-tech enterprises. Applying world class advanced AI technology, the company has developed a fatigue-driving warning system and a safety control system with completely independent intellectual property rights. The company can provide users with vehicle fatigue driving warning products and system-level solutions, which are widely applied in real life driving situations such as cars, trains, long distance buses/trucks, and engineering vehicles.


United States of America

Krenar Komoni, CEO

Tive helps manufacturers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) obtain real-time in-transit visibility of their goods throughout the globe. Tive works with Fortune 1000 companies like Unilever, J&J, Amway and many others and essentially tell them where their goods are globally, and what the condition of their goods is: how cold, hot, wet, how much handling is happening on their goods, were packages opened, and more. Over a few months of collecting this data, customers obtain supply chain insights that they were not able to get for years, such as insights into their carriers (trucking companies) performance, analyze what routes are causing the most delays and possible damages to their goods, which ports are congested and causing late shipments, and how are temperature variations affecting goods and their fleet throughout the seasons.


Traders of Africa – TOFA

Uju Uzo-Ojinnaka, Founder + CEO

Traders of Africa (TOFA), is a marketplace focused on driving intra-African trade as well as trade between Africa and the world through technology. They aim to create sustainable wealth for individuals, communities, organizations and nation states in Africa. They also created African Trade Invest (ATI), which is a Pan African funding and investment platform with a dual pronged model where genuine suppliers of African products with a confirmed order backed by an acceptable payment term can access funding for their orders. These orders are called Projects. The required funding is delineated into units and offered to individuals to invest in with an incredible ROI. With over 8,000 merchants signed up, verification for buyers/sellers and a partnership with Ecobank to provide Escrow/settlement, TOFA stands a chance to improve connections between and within African countries. TOFA is not the first ecommerce platform to launch in Africa but it’s clearly the first intra-Africa platform promoting made in Africa goods.



Anton Holovachenko, Founder + CEO

UniExo exoskeleton devices reduce recovery periods from injuries by assisting and supporting patients outside the healthcare facilities using modular exoskeletons. Their personalized physical rehabilitation solution can help regain and assist limb mobility for the almost 1.3 billion suffering people in the world.


Saudi Arabia

Ankita Shree, Co-Founder + CFO

As businesses try to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for value-producing outcomes, they face two challenges. First, the skills gaps in the industry. Second, their engineers and data scientists spend more than 50% of their dealing with hardware and software infrastructure issues, instead of focusing on business outcomes. The UnitX platform provides the exact solution. UnitX provides ready made and reusable workflows for AI/ML use cases for different industry verticals that non-experts can use. Under the hood, UnitX manages software and hardware infrastructure which includes a network of supercomputers and public clouds worldwide, onto which users can deploy their workloads. UnitX breaks the barriers of skill and complexity for enterprise AI adoption, and accelerates business value creation.


United States

Jinesh Patel, Co-Founder, CEO

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a fast-growing software startup that is empowering people to make patients lives better. Their mission is to be the trusted source of technology equipment management for healthcare facilities by providing operators with simple-to-use software, actionable data, and access to the largest network of qualified technicians. Their products ensure our clients are able to keep an accurate inventory of their equipment, reduce the cost of equipment ownership by connecting them to a marketplace of affordable independent service technicians, and use analytics predict their next big equipment purchases.



Demetrio Santander, President + Co-Founder

Waykana is a social impact company positioned in the food and beverage industry. Waykana’s focus is on producing market-ready beverages or wholesale loose-leaf plant ingredients to produce variants of caffeine supplement beverages. Waykana works with a unique plant indigenous to the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador called “guayusa”- one of the most caffeinated plants in the world. Our mission is to boost the world with natural and balanced energy from guayusa for people to achieve their dreams. Waykana’s business consists of the production and commercialization of guayusa as a new healthy natural caffeine ingredient by sharing their branded products to the world while working aligned with the UNSDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).



Saif Ahmed, Co-Founder + CPO

WideBot is the in the first bot builder platfom in the MENA region. WideBot allows anyone to build his/her own intelligent chatbot without any coding or technical experience in just few minutes. WideBot is the first Arabic-focused Bot Builder Platform driving engagement with audiences by advanced AI to maximize conversions and increase loyalty.



Charlotte Journo-Baur, CEO

Wishibam’s white label solution enables malls and local communities to become omnichannel trade leaders thanks to e-commerce. Wishibam gives them the ability to offer a truly omnichannel experience which allows stores to generate additional revenue and malls / local communities to increase their footfall as well as improve the customer experience and loyalty. Wishibam doesn’t want an Amazonized-only retail landscape where e-commerce takes all. They believe it’s necessary to rethink retail to ensure its diversity tomorrow. Stores are closing, commercial vacancy rates are on the rise (+57% between 2012 and 2017), and e-commerce is exploding (+160% in revenue on the same period). Their tools allow retailers to fight on equal ground against the rise of pure players’. The results are encouraging: +10% in-store traffic, +15% revenue, +750% loyalty program sign-ups. Some brands witness 17% growth in store revenue. So far, Wishibam is the only solution that has been capable of digitizing 25,000 square meters of commercial retail.


Wrig Nanosystems

Ambar Srivastava, Founder

Wrig Nanosystems is a medical technology startup that has developed a mobile phone-sized device to measure haemoglobin in a few minutes, called TrueHb Hemometer. The “specialise in minituarising medical devices”, like Swiss watchmakers who minituarised big wall clocks to pocket and wrist size. So, the access and time taken to use the devices gets democratised



Nicholas Iakl, Chief Troublemaker

Yu-Track is helping organizations and their executives measure their behaviors, not only to avoid getting lost in vanity metrics, but to find out which key behavioral indicators or KBIs have the greatest impact on their performance.

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