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Three Startups Emerge from EWC Brazil

FLORIANÓPOLIS, BRAZIL – Three startups – Eu Ensino, Aptah Bioinformatics and Neurobots – are the big winners of the Brazilian stage of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC). All three advance to the next round of the competition, participating in a virtual acceleration program featuring one-to-one mentoring with international mentors to prepare for a chance to compete in the EWC Global Finals this November.

Eu Ensino – Portugese for ‘I Teach’ – took the first prize of the competition. It is a development platform for educators to support the learning cycle of teachers, focusing on classroom management and social-emotional skills.

“Educators in Brazil receive little practical training in college, beginning their carriers very unprepared. Studies show that over 20% of classroom time is wasted due to classroom management issues, resulting in 40 days of learning time lost in one school year,” said Laura Marsiaj Ribeiro, founder of Eu Ensino. “We leverage technology to increase the reach of proven techniques and best practices for social-emotional classroom management, empowering teachers to use their time in the classroom more effectively and increasing learning time.”

Aptah Bioinformatics took second place. The bioinformatics company specializes in drug design, validating new drugs and diagnostic methods using its own certified algorithm and software. Neurobots claimed third place with its robotic glove controlled by a brainwave device that stimulates neurological rehabilitation of individuals who have suffered a stroke.

All three winners receive access to GSVlabs Passport, a platform where they can access mentors, hundreds of templates and guides, and roughly $500,000 in free and discounted services from 75+ preferred partners. Should they emerge from the accelerator as a global finalist, they would next compete in the EWC Global Finals, scheduled for November 12-14 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

More than 102,000 contestants from 186 countries entered the Entrepreneurship World Cup, an initiative led by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and MiSK Global Forum with support from a broad collection of partners, including the Global Educational and Leadership Foundation and GSVlabs. The initiative combines a broad-reaching pitch competition, aimed at ventures ranging from the idea stage to the growth stage, with a virtual accelerator program to help all participants launch, strengthen and scale their enterprises.

The announcement occurred during the Sebrae Startup Summit, a major innovation event with more than 4000 participants. The three winners were selected from 650 entries. Judges were: Tales Gomes, Founder of Plataforma Saude and Member of the Innovation and Competitiveness Unit at Getulio Vargas Foundation; Kevin Cullen, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia; and Gustavo Cesario, Entrepreneurial Culture Unit Manager of National Sebrae.

About SEBRAE (EWC Brazil organizer)

SEBRAE – Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas – (Brazilian service of assistance to micro and small enterprises), is an institution supporting the development of small and micro companies in Brazil. Sebrae is a non-profit private entity with the mission of promoting the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses by fostering entrepreneurship, providing guidance to help small businesses to grow and helping to develop the Brazilian economy.

About the Misk Global Forum

The Misk Global Forum (MGF) is the flagship international platform of the Misk Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discover, develop and empower Saudi young people to become active participants in the knowledge economy. Launched in 2016, MGF takes Misk’s mission onto the world stage, helping young people to realize their potential in the future economy and become active global citizens. Through international events, partnerships, and initiatives, MGF brings together emerging and established leaders, innovators, and creators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change. 

About the Global Entrepreneurship Network

The Global Entrepreneurship Network operates a platform of projects and programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business. By fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations, GEN works to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs, educate individuals, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth. 

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