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Two Champions, 10 Total Winners Selected from EWC China

BEIJING + SHANGHAI, CHINA — The Chinese final of the global Entrepreneurship World Cup has concluded with two champions selected from 28 finalists in concurrent competitions held in north and south China. The two champions, alongside another eight winners, will now advance to the global final held at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in November.

Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute (CiDi) won the northern competition, held in the Stanford Center of Peking University in Beijing. CiDi is a startup focused on the research and development of smart cars and express logistics heavy vehicles.

Meanwhile, Amberlink was selected the first of the southern competition held at the Zhangjiang International Innovation Port in Shanghai. Amberlink is a high-tech company focused on the design and development of low power internet of things (IOT), big data and artificial intelligence applications.

The EWC is organized by the Misk Global Forum and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) with support from the Global Educational and Leadership Foundation and GSVlabs. The Chinese finals were further co-organized with the Beckstone group working alongside The Founder H Fund in the north China final and Techcode SME Service Company for the south China final. The finals were judged by panels of experts, academics, and professors from business, academia and the sciences who assessed entrants on concept product or service, market and competitive positioning, feasibility, team qualifications and experience.

The top five startups from the EWC China finals will receive access to GSVLabs Passport, worth US$ 500,000, and will be fully sponsored to attend the EWC global finals in Riyadh in November. The three-day final will see 100 startups from 85 countries compete for prizes up to US$5 million in support and finance.

“The EWC is part of the Misk Global Forum’s international mission to empower young people with the skills they need to thrive in the future economy,” said Abdulrahman Al Suhaymi of the Misk Global Forum. “The quality of the entrants and eventual winners in China is a testament to the skills, talent, and ambition of young people around the world, and of entrepreneurship as a way of empowering young people to make a real, positive impact in the world. We look forward to welcoming the Chinese finalists alongside the other global winners in Riyadh for the Global Final.”

“The solutions presented here represent the spark of prosperity and the future that only talented entrepreneurs foresee,” said Ana Maria Torres, Director for the Entrepreneurship World Cup at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. “EWC recognizes their ingenuity and provides them a path towards success by connecting them with the global entrepreneurship ecosystem in 170 countries. Additionally, they will be joining the GEN Starters Club, a peer to peer community of pioneers and innovators from around the globe.”

Tian Qi, Beckstone Group partner, said “the EWC was introduced to China for the first time to build global connected partnerships and to strengthen international cooperation. It is a cross-regional, cross-domain and cross-ideological communication between China and Saudi Arabia.”

More than 100,000 contestants from 187 countries have entered the Entrepreneurship World Cup, with the top 100 soon to take part in the Global Finals at the Misk Global Forum’s annual gathering in November in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The EWC is the largest global pitch competition of its kind and combines a broad-reaching pitch competition, aimed at ventures ranging from idea stage to growth stage, with a virtual accelerator program to help all participants launch, strengthen and scale their enterprises.

The winners from the EWC China national finals were:

The winners from the EWC China national finals were:

  • Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute: focuses on the research and development of smart cars and express logistics heavy vehicles.
  • Amberlink: a high-tech company that focuses on the design and development of low power internet of things (IOT), big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Iclegend: focuses on the development and sale of Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Chips and Solutions.
  • Dingxiang:provides business security solutions by using AI algorithms. By combining cutting edge internet information security and artificial intelligence technology, the company can discover and analyze various threats and risk on the internet or IOT equipment in the fields of finances, communications, utilities, and aviation to help reduce corporate losses and improve business efficiency.
  • Shenzhen Tensor Technology:the only track grade DMS technology in China.
  • Lingban AIAAS: AI Voice Customer Service.
  • Guangcai Rongcheng: produces Solar Power Brick with independent intellectual property rights, using unique packaging technology and manufacturing technology. This can replace traditional ground tiles, so that roads can convert solar energy into electricity directly.
  • Spacety: makes satellite applications easily accessible through high performance and low-cost microsatellite constellation construction.
  • ChinaBase: provides the gateway for entering and growth in China.
  • Induction Welding & Normalizing Machine for High Speed Rail: using intelligent machines for intelligent high speed rail.
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