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WideBot Takes EWC Egypt Title

WideBot defeated six other finalists to become Egypt’s national winner of the Entrepreneurship World Cup. The startup is the first Arabic-focused bot builder platform that gives a tool to businesses in MENA to build smart chatbots without coding in a few minutes.

The national competition took place at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology Campus. The competition started with a remarkable speech that was given by Engineer Ahmed Osman, ICSB President, and GEN Egypt Managing Director, in which he talked about how entrepreneurs should benefit from obstacles they face to get to what they want.

Imagine waking up to a phone call that tells you “you’re traveling to introduce your startup to a global audience”, that’s the dream, right?

Entrepreneurs work to change the world, to innovate and make lives better. Now, it is not difficult to go global with a well-established website and active social media channels, do that and you’re already there! But how can you know you are getting to the right decision-makers, the right audience, and the right mentors?

Entrepreneurship World Cup provides this kind of opportunity to all entrepreneurs who dream to go global and get connected to the right people at the right place with minimum cost. The best thing about Entrepreneurship World Cup is that it is more than a traditional pitching competition, EWC is an integrated competition that supports bright entrepreneurs with resources, mentors and financial prizes through its five phases.

EWC provides tools and online training during the “Acceleration One” phase to support entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to develop their ideas/startups. EWC opens the door for all startups at any stage whether they are idea, early or growth stage. After the national competition phase, national finalists go through the “Acceleration two” phase to get more advanced online training as well as be prepared for their participation in the global finals if they got selected. What distinguishes EWC among other competitions is the amount of support given after the competition itself. National winners join “GEN Starters Club” to have access to a global network of entrepreneurs so that they can help each other in any matter, also, various mentorship programs are offered to global winners to help them grow their startups.

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